we are three friends and collaborators, separated by distance, but brought together by the bond of music and the belief in an equal and just world for all.

Behind the song

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. Covid-19 looming, we have had to adapt to a new reality, with the uncertainty of the future staring us down from just around the corner. It started with the lockdown in mid-March. We were forced to take a journey inward as the regular distractions of social gatherings and outings suddenly disappeared. No sporting events, no concerts, no bars or restaurants. Where would we anchor ourselves without those foundational institutions?

And then the George Floyd video hit, and it felt like the air was taken out of whatever supply we had left. Another Black man needlessly killed at the hands of a white policeman, a story too often told in this country. But in the isolation of a pandemic, without the distractions of regular life, numbness was not an option. A movement was born. What started in Minneapolis spread to every corner of our country. The moment felt too important to let a virus interfere with it.

And that’s where “As America Bleeds” was born. With the protests raging and a call for change impossible to ignore, we set out to find a way to tell the story of the moment. The words came easy. Some songs are like that. The music wasn’t far behind. The moment spoke to us, and we channeled it through a musical filter.

Now, we are hoping to use our platform to raise money for those who need it. We know how important it is to use our voices for good, and so we were inspired to create a fundraiser that will help benefit 5 incredible social justice organizations. If you are able to, please consider making a small donation so that these organizations can do a better job creating change in the world.

jason zucker


Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Jason started playing guitar when he was 13. He started writing songs while attending NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts for Film. After receiving a film degree and recording his first album, Jason began his career as a video editor at VH1. Now an independent freelancer and songwriter, he lives in the New York City area with his wife and son. (website)

greg cahn


Greg has performed on stages and music festivals around the world including Lightning in a Bottle and Necker Island to name a few. He has also written catchy theme songs and music supervised popular film and television shows on a variety of networks. He is the lead singer of alternative pop-rock group, KidEyes, and resides in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. (website)

julian cassia


A holder of a dual degree from the Berklee College of Music in Music Synthesis and Film Scoring, as well as a Master’s in Composition from NYU, Cassia plays a vast array of instruments, including guitars, drums, strings, keyboards, and clarinet. The composer firmly believes in the integrity of recording a real instrument, played by a skilled and expressive performer. (website)

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